Adam Arcuragi - Sin Is Just An Old Archery Term chords

Might not be perfect, but I figured I'd post it here anyway.

F - G - B

FWade walkin
FWade walkin
FThe marshes so high
FWe can look all night
Fbut you think your dog died
Gi dont think he made it
Gthrough the mud and the fog
Bwade walkin
Bwade walkin
Byou can call you can call
Flate walkin
FLate walkin
Fexcuse me your nears
Fi know im just barely
Fbut mister wont you please
Glet me sit by my mother
Gbefore the service can start
Bpass the program her hymnal
Byou can see her broke heart
Fbad sunday
Fbad sunday
Ftheres bugs in the jar
Ftheres a few country records
Fthat made out from the fire
Gwhen gram found the moat had got in the walls
Bits amazing
Bthat anyone
Bremembered hanks words at all
Fso uncle
Fsweet uncle
Fhigh on coffee and fear
Fwhen we moved out the mountain
Fand made your traintrack way clear
Gwhen the next hungry dog comes
Gwill you let him stroll by
BWhen you walk through Atlanta
BYou can still smell the smoke rise
FOh I knew her
FThey told me
FThe girl in the ground
FThe sister at the courthouse
FHer eyes closed and bound
GThe two prettiest sisters we ever have known
BHow they melted her teeth down
BTo build their unlawful throne
FNow there is a hill where
FThey'll bury us all
FWalkin in white robes
FSing response to the call
GIf there's one thing in all of this
GOne thing made us grow
BIts the harmony tremblin
Bsays i know that you know...i know
F G B F...
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