Adam Carroll - Race Car Joe chords

Race Car Joe
Adam Carroll

Capo 4

F CWhen the wheels are rolling, he's alivess
G C ||Going 94 in a '55-i
F AmWith a burning engine he would go
G CDown the Gladewater Highway Race Car Joe
F CPast the Green Frog sign where they sold beer
G CHe takes his orders from an engineer
C AmHe tells the tool pushers which way to go
G CIt's one day's work for Race Car Joe
He's got the Camel points from one last drag Before he takes the grandkids out to Six Flags The sun has weathered where the wrinkles show But the years ain't broken Race Car Joe Solo Restless dreams, oil fires, broken drill bits On a blow out tire, there's nude strip joints It's a holy row He's seem 'em all Race Car Joe Six foot give, East Texas style, brand new teeth Now on a crooked smile In a one-ton pickup, with a cancer glow When he looks at you Race Car Joe
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