Adam Carroll - Blondie And Dagwood tab

key: D
D                      Bm               G               D]
He's got papers on his desktop, they're stacked up in a bunch
D                  Bm                  G             A
Dagwood worked for decades, he's never been promoted once 
Bm                D                G  A     D        
Blondie's got the lunch crowd in a catering cafe 
      G               D                           A    
She's tired of making meatloaf, it's time to get away

CHORUS -----------------------------------------
    Bm             G                         D           A
Hey Blondie you're looking pretty good for a girl who's 82
    Bm             G              D             A  
Hey Blondie out of all those high society women, he chose you 
    Bm          G                        D              A  
And Dagwood get off the couch, don't you fall asleep so soon 
         Em                  G        A                  D
You gotta take her up on the roof and take a look at the moon
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