Adam Green - Secret Tongue tab

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TABBED BY:  Chris Schmoutz		

Artist: Adam Green
Album: Friends of Mine
Song: Secret Tongue

C: x32010
F: 133211
G: 320033


C     F x 2

C                            F
there are men in shades just standing around
C                         F
these bleeding stars, the paradox
C                          F
let the eyes of god be our guide to find a       
gentle path

C                       F
there's a broken record playing a tune 
       C                 F
to the floating waves of the antennas
C                   F
and you were just a little guy
and i was little too

C F x 2

C                      F
and everything is just floating freely just 
C                      F
rocking around like a rocking horse just 
C                    F
jiggling around like silly putty and who             
are you and i?

C                      F
and you were looking at me smiling 
C                      F
the aliens were just arriving 
C                 F                           G
wherever they are headed next speaking secret tongues.
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