Adam Green - Musical Ladders tab

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TABBED BY:  Chris Schmoutz		

Artist: Adam Green
Album: Friends of Mine
Song: Musical Ladders

D:  xx0232
D7: xx0212
G:  320003
Em: 022000
A:  x02220
A*: x02223

(use the alternating bass note plucking style)


D                          D7
musical ladders leaning on mountains
G                                  D
bathed in white laughter under the sun
D7                              G
somebody's birthday came stumbling towards us
D				    G
wrapped in green gladness under the sun

Em                                   A
we're gonna make it through this war tonight
Em				   A
someone hold this child up to the light

D                                D7
prostitute fingers fumbling with matches
G                                 D
tucked in red couches under green moons
D7                           G
mexican waitress got caught in the crossfire
D                                   G
of militant families bursting with juice
Em				    A
we're gonna break it to your folks tonight
Em				    A
kinda hope your pops don't hear me right


oh yeah
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