Adam Green – Her Father And Her tab

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TABBED BY:  Chris Schmoutz		

Artist: Adam Green
Album: Garfield
Song: Her Father and Her

tuned about 1/4 step down

Bm: x24432
G:  355433

Basic picking pattern: Bm G Bm Ge-----2-2--------------------2-2-----------------------|B-3---3-3-5------------2-3---3-3-5---------------------|G---4----------4-3-4-3-----4----------4-3-4-3---4-4-4--|D-----------------------------------------------5-5-5--|A-2-2-2-2-2--------------2-2-2-2-2---------------------|E------------3-3-3-3-3--------------3-3-3-3-3-3--3-3-3-|
Bm G Father owned the dating bar so mother ran the store Bm G We all lived there together with the army at the door Bm G No one to do my laundry or to tell me that they're sure Bm G But there really is no me and there's no army at the door Bm G I hustle my way to your bedside Bm G I ride on your body like a cab ride Bm G I carry refreshments to the good guys Bm G I made the good guys some home fries Bm G Pardon me anyone where is the nearest shore Bm G We're all in this together and the police are at the door Bm G Someone do my laundry or smash through the floor Bm G To the tropical vacation buried underneath the store Bm G And I was your favorite bullfighter Bm G Whose looks were new to your eyes Bm G And i fell apart in that bullfight Bm G Where the dress was the sky to your thighs Bm G She said that she had an hour Bm G Her father he was in the shower Bm G And she took me to her little tower Bm G And she showed me her little flower Bm G And just when i thought it was safe to put down my pen Bm G She said maybe i will let you fall in love with me again Bm G Maybe i will let you fall for loving me again Bm G Then she showed me her badge and i think she said then Bm G That i don't have the heart to tell you not to come Bm G And everyone has hands just to use someone Bm G And it makes me feel just like old gum Bm G To ride a fake horse into town Bm G To ride a lame horse into town Bm G To ride a dead horse into town Bm G To ride your big f*cking fake f*cking lame f*cking dead horse into town
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