Adam Green - Gemstones Acoustic tab

I heard this version at his solo tour

Intro C

C                               F           G
Gemstones cracking, cause we're just too strong
C                               F        G
Drum-sized yearning cuz the pressure's gone
Em          Am
Supervised love,
Em          Am
crucified stuvs
Em         Am         F         G
Simmering red in the sex farm clubs

e|------------------------------------------|B|--------------1-------------------1-------|G|----------------0-------------------2-----|D|------------2-------------------2---------|A|0-------2-3-------- --3--2----0-----------|E|------------------------------------------|
C Am There's an exit to this deserte|-------------------------1----------------1-----|B|-------------1-----------1----------------0-----|G|---------------2---------2----------------0-----|D|-------------------------3----------------0-----|A|0----------3-------------3----------------2-----|E|----3----1---------------1----------------3-----|
F G Dangling freely from the shingles in the snow C Am She's a show off, Xanax Zoloft F G Blank faced footprints of the zebras in the glen by schokohager
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