Adam Hood - Play Something We Know tab

Capo 2 
Intro Chords: 
G  D  Cadd9  G 
G  D  Cadd9  G 
G              D                 Cadd9          G      
I saw you walk in here with that guitar in your hand 
G               D            Cadd9            D  
Thought I might ask you what you might be playing 
G             D                 Cadd9           G 
Just one more question, well, I know you got to go 
G                     D                   Cadd9            G  
Me and my friends are drinking we're just wondering if you know 
Chorus 1: 
           Cadd9               G 
Any Lynyrd Skynyrd or American Pie 
           D                    G     G7 
Willie and Waylon, Magic Carpet ride 
                   Cadd9                 G   G/F#  Em 
How bout' Marshall Tucker or David Allen C-o-o-o-o-o-e 
                      Cadd9    D                 G  
Play something we can sing to, play something we know 
Well I know how it is dude, I use to have me a band 
Til our drummer Ronnie, he got on down at the plant 
Singer got a girlfriend, you know how that goes 
So sing something we can sing to, play something we know 
Chorus 2: 
Do you know any Buffett, or any Pink Floyd 
How bout some dead dudes, how bout the Doors 
Do ya know any Beatles or any Rollin Stones 
Play something we can sing to play something we know 
Em         D               Cadd9            G 
Man if you want me to I'll sing a song with you 
Em       Cadd9         D 
I use to sing the high bar 
Em         D         Cadd9          G  
My brother Donnie is sitting at the bar 
Em         Cadd9   D 
He plays a mean guitar 
What are you looking at man, you dont want me to play 
Well you bout to get your ass whooped, you keep looking at me that way 
Man I dont really mean it, there?s no need to call security 
I was only hopping you would sing a song for me 
Chorus 3: 
Do you know Hank Jr. , or any Steve Earle 
How bout the Joker, or Brown Eyed Girl, 
Sweet Home Alabama, or Curtis Lowe 
Play something we can sing to, play something we know
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