Adam Lambert - Sleepwalker chords version 1

This song is really easy (other than the solo that i did not tab) it only has 4 chords.

Intro: Am


Am F GI saw a picture of you
DHanging in an empty hallway
Am F GI heard a voice that I knew
DAnd I couldn't walk away
Am F GIt took me back to the end
D Of everything I knew
Am FI taste it all I taste it all
GThe tears again
Am F GOutside the rain's falling down
DThere's not a drop that hits me
Am F GScream at the sky but no sound
DIs leavin' my lips
Am F GIt's like I can't even feel
DAfter the way you touched me
Am F GI'm not asleep but I'm not awake
DAfter the way you loved me
Am F G DI can't turn this around
Am F G DI keep running into walls that I can't break down
Am F G DI said I just wander around
Am F G DWith my eyes wide shut because of you
Am F GI'm a sleepwalker walker walker
Am F GI'm a sleepwalker walker walker
DLet me out of this dream
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