Adam Lambert - Whataya Want From Me tab version 6

This can be played on acoustic or electric(which ever you prefer).
Really easy and very fun to play for friends,family,a nice sound,or just to play along 
the song.
P.S. this is my first tab ever on UG. plz rate :}
Lave me a message for any corrections.Tanks in advance!
So here it is.Enoy!!!
btw im sure this is 99.99% correct

~~ =sustain note

Intro:E|---10~~-----10---7~~--14141414-----7-7~~---14141414---7--7~~~~---|B|-----------------------------------------------------------------|G|-----------------------------------------------------------------|D|---9~~-------9---5~~--12121212-----5-5~~---14141414---5--5~~~~---|A|-----------------------------------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------------------|Repeat as much as likeSolo will be up right after this!
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