Adam Lambert – More Than chords

Hey ... okay, I did this tab, but it occurs to me that I have a little prob ;-). 
If you look at the intro you can see two C-chords. The first is the "normal" one 
and the other one is like B on the 3rd fret. On my guitar the both chords sound 
different and that's the reason why I'm using them. If you can't hear a difference 
on your guitar then use Am instead of C(III). And I'm not sure about the chorus-chords, so if you know them better please correct me ...
Intro Em-C-C(III)-D Verse 1
EmSo they paved the world to providence
CAnd lined up the memories
C(III) DIn reference to what is dead and gone
EmThen the band and the symphony
CIn sweet sounding harmony
C(III) DLay down their guns in disgust
C C(III) DFor they knew their armies had lost
C FSo haven't we seen enough
DOn the cover of
C FHaven't we had our fun
D C(III)Watching on the TV screens
DOh yeah
Verse 2
EmSo we harbour our hopes and fears
CIn houses and evergreens
C(III) DCast adrift what we don't need
EmThen the rhythm of tambourine
CAnd drama of marching scene
C(III) DLay down their violence in trust
C C(III) DFor they knew how much to cost
EmFor when all is said and done
C And our aims run
C(III) DThen we'll come
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