Adam Lambert – Shady chords

The original key is in D#m, but most of the time I play it with a CAPO ON THE 1ST FRET 
using Dm, F, Bb, C, Gm (it's easier). If you don't want to use a capo use D#m,F#,B,C#,G#m.

Dm FBaby, I'm on the hunt
Bb CBaby, I got my target on you
Dm FTrouble, that's what I want
Bb CAnd I'm gonna do just what I have to
Dm FGet your ass down to the front
Bb CGo on and roll it out, I dare you
Dm FSorry, I'm kinda drunk, but:
Bb CDid you just say your game was brand new
Dm FNo, I ain't broken, but I
Bb CI need a fix
Dm FThat satisfaction when I,
Bb CI get my kicks
DmI'm up all night
FI'm outta sight
BbDon't turn on the light
C Dm'Cuz I'm feelin' so shady lately
F BbCome on and take me underground
C DmDeep under the street
F BbCome on and take me, take me down
C DmWhere freaks like us can meet
F Bb CTurn it up, turn it up, turn it up, turn it way up
DmDon't stop the beat
F BbCome on and turn me, turn me out
C Dm'Cuz I'm feeling so shady lately
Dm FGonna go and get me a shot
BbGonna knock it back
CForget all my blues
Dm FYeah, that really hits the spot
Bb CI'm feeling pretty fierce in my dancing shoes
Pre-chorus Chorus Bridge
Gm DmI throw more shade than a cloudy day
GmThe brakes don't work
DmI'm just a run away train
F BbSomebody come and help me out
Gm DmAll I wanna be is free
FI was tryin' to get down
BbNow I can't get out
C DmI'm shady lately
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