Adam Lambert – Love Wins Over Glamour chords

Main riff: Ebm7 - Bbm7 - Bmaj7

    I seem to be so fucking lucky lately
Ebm7 Bbm7 Bmaj7 I found the key to endless treasure
Ebm7 Bbm7 Bmaj7 My heart is pumping and I like what I see
Ebm7 Bbm7 Bmaj7 Ya give me joy and give me pleasure
Ebm7 Bbm7 Bmaj7 I'm on an easy ride
Ebm7 Bbm7 Bmaj7 I got my jewels I got a rocket
Ebm7 Bbm7 Bmaj7 No one can break my stride
Ebm7 Bbm7 Bmaj7 I'm coming hard with heavy pockets
Ebm7 Bbm7 Bmaj7 But I'm not gonna keep it
Ebm Db Ebm B Db Ebm CHORUS That's why I open up my bag and let it go
Abm B Ebm GbBlow my cash up big then hit the road whoa-oa-oa
Abm B Ebm DbPots of gold won't do little brother
B Ebm If ya don't share your love with one another
Db BbmFlash don't matter
BLove wins over glamour
Abm [Main riff] (repeated various amounts of times on every chorus) VERSE II Was all alone with all my riches 'round me
Ebm7 Bbm7 Bmaj7 Couldn't get over all the diamonds, hey-ey-ey-ey
Ebm Gb EbmI tried to roll in all my gold but honey
AbmThere was no love that it could shine on shine on
Gb Bb7 Love was far out of sight
Ebm Gb I was unsatisfied
B Abm I wanna do it right
Ebm Gb I need to love tonight
B [CHORUS] BRIDGE I got the secret code (yeah)
Ebm Db So stand up and get a clue from me
B Abm Cold hard cash leaves you cold
Ebm Db If you get hot then baby come with me
B Abm BREAKDOWN on Bm BRIDGE on Ebm7 [CHORUS] [repeat main riff to ending]
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