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Adam Randall – My Names Greg chords

Writen by: Adam Randall 
Song: My Name's Greg

The Chords are easy its just C, E, and Am over and over again...

intro: C   E   Am x2

C E Am C E Ammy names greg, greg john plante x2
C E well im standing up here 6 foot 6 Am watch me spill this lemonade mix C E and i cant sleep comfortably at night Am cuz my feet hang 3 feet off my bedside. watch me as i stumble and fall go all out in volleyball dive headfirst into a wall by the way did you know i was really tall my names greg, greg john plante x2 oh you made that shot, High five bro God dammit where’d my phone go choking on chickens what i do best im a mamas boy i must confess let me call my mom at 2 in the morn just because they made fun of her some more drink my milk then drool it out by the way toots thats what im all about my names greg, greg john plante x2
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