Adam Sandler – Lunch Lady Land chords

Asus2Woke up in the morning.
DPut on my new plastic glove.
Asus2Served some re-heated salsbury steak
DWith a little slice of love
Asus2 DGot no clue what the chicken pot pie
Is made of.
EJust know everything's doing fine
DDown here in Lunch Lady Land.
Asus2 D
Asus2Well, I wear this net on my head
D'Cause my red hair is fallin' out.
Asus2I wear these brown orthopedic shoes
D'Cause I got a bad case of the gout.
Asus2I know you want seconds on the corn dogs,
DBut there's no reason to shout.
EEverybody gets enough food
DDown here in Lunch Lady Land.
Asus2 A7
DWell, yesterday's meatloaf
AIs today's sloppy joes
DAnd my breath reaks of tuna
AAnd there's lots of black hairs comin' out of my nose.
Then it returns to the same repeated 2 chord progression.
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