Adam Sandler – 7 Foot Man tab

                   SONG TITLE: 7 Foot Man
                 ARTIST/GROUP: Adam Sandler
                        ALBUM: Stan And Judy's Kid
               TRANSCRIBED BY:
   E   (022100)
   A   (x02220)
   B   (x2444x)
   C#m (x46654)
   I got at least 5 requests for this song in my guestbook. I actually
   think it was the same guy over and over again because I'd never
   heard of this song and then suddenly I got 5 requests. But I
   decided to tab it, it's easy, just 4 chords, the only trick is to
   get the right rhythm, it's kinda strange. Enjoy!!
   The song is mostly just bass, you don't hear the guitar much. But I've
   come up with a rhythm you can use so you incorporate parts of the
   bass line. I play the chords like this:
E|---------0-0----0---0---------0-0----0---0--| B|--------0--0----0---0--------0--0----0---0--| G|-------1--------------------1---------------| D|------2--------------------2----------------| A|-----2--------2---2-------2--------2---2----| E|--0--------------------0--------------------| d * u d u d u d * u d u d u
d = downstroke u = upstroke * = this means strum the chord down kinda slowly so you can hear each and every string ring out, kinda like spanish guitar.
I play the A chord the same, like this: E|--------0-0---0---0--------0-0---0---0--| B|-------2--2---2---2-------2--2---2---2--| G|------2------------------2--------------| D|-----2------2---2-------2------2---2----| A|--0------------------0------------------| E|----------------------------------------| d * u d u d u d * u d u d u
Of course you don't HAVE to play them like this, it's just a suggestion, I think it sounds good. You just have to get the right rhythm. Anyway, enough of my bullshit, here's the song: INTRO: ------ [spoken:] We just wrote this song on the bus the other day, so sit back and relax.
E A E|---4-5--4-4/5--4-4-----4-4-5--7-7---5-5/7------9-10-9/10--10-9- B|---5-7--5-5/7--5-5-----5-5-7--9-9---7-7/9---------------------- G|--------------------------------------------------------------- D|--------------------------------------------------------------- A|--------------------------------------------------------------- E|---------------------------------------------------------------
E E--10-9-5------------------4--5-5b7-5-4-5-4-2-0-2---0-0-0---- B-------------------5--5/7----------------------------------- G-------------4-4/6------------------------------------------ D------------------------------------------------------------ A------------------------------------------------------------ E------------------------------------------------------------
B A E E--0-5-7-10-9-9-9-7-7-7-5-5-5-4-5-5-5---5-5-5\4-4-4-2-2-0--4-5-4-5-4-| B--------------------------------------------------------------------| G--------------------------------------------------------------------| D--------------------------------------------------------------------| A--------------------------------------------------------------------| E--------------------------------------------------------------------|
VERSE 1: -------- E I'm the 7 foot man I've commited no crime A Bumping my head into doorways E It happens all the time A E I'm 7 foot tall and I repeat A E They don't make a ski boot that can fit my feet B A [stop] E I'm 7 feet tall and I don't play basketball VERSE 2: -------- E I'm 7 feet tall, but I'm still just a man A So of course it hurts me a lot E When I walk into the ceiling fan A E Small people say "I wish I was him" A E But it's been nine years since I had a trim B A [stop] E The barber said "I can't reach the top of his head" BRIDGE: ------- C#m E 7 foot man, I cannot hide C#m E 7 foot man, I know 'cause I've tried C#m E 7 foot man, my last girlfreind died B A [stop] E Because my penis is 7 foot wide! VERSE 3: -------- E So the next time you see me walking around A And my head's right about to hit a tree branch E Tell me to duck down A E And I'll pay you back, soon you will see A E By getting your frisbee down from that tree B A [stop] E I do what I can I'm the 7 foot man E 7 foot man! 7 foot man! ********************************************************************** Questions, comments, corrections, requests, send to: ********************************************************************** Visit the QUALITY TABS INC. Website at: **********************************************************************
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