Adam Sandler – Daveys Song chords

I searched and searched and no how-to's or tabs for this song, so out of trial and 
error here is the best i can do for you. if you have better chords i would be more 
than happy to see them.

intro: C F x4

C Fwell I'm the kind of guy who can't stand a holiday
C Fso I drink 'em all away. That's me!
G F G F oh, I don't decorate no trees, and I wont eat no potato latkes.
G FBut I'll give this old lady's melons a squeeze,
C FThat's just who I am.
C FWell, I'll never spin a dreidel but I'll always throw an egg
C FThen I'll Charlie horse your leg for laughs
G FWhile you're singing your holiday tune
G FI'm acting like the town buffoon
G FWhippin' out my big , white, scary moon
C FAnd blowin' a beef your way
C FI hate folks who think reindeer are cute
C FTo me they're just something to shoot
G F CI hate love, I hate you, I hate me
GWell, I'm a snowmobile stealin'
AmNo chance for season feeling kind of guy
GThis time of year sucks so I take my numb-chucks
Dadd6 FAnd make sure every snowman die
C FBelievin' in Santa's all wrong
C FAnd Chanukah's eight nights too long
G F CI hate love, I hate you, I hate me
G F CI hate love, I hate you, I hate me
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