Adam Sandler – Ode To My Car tab

Artist : Adam Sandler
Song: Ode To My Car(Album What The Hell Happened to me)
Tabbed by: John Leadman


   A     (x02220) or (577655)
   E     (022100)
   Dsus2 (xx0230)
   F#m   (244222)

The chords are played with a reggae beat, something like this: A E D E E|-x-x-5---x-x-5---x-x-0---x-x-0---x-x-0---x-x-0---x-x-0---x-x-0---| B|-x-x-5---x-x-5---x-x-0---x-x-0---x-x-3---x-x-3---x-x-0---x-x-0---| G|-x-x-6---x-x-6---x-x-1---x-x-1---x-x-2---x-x-2---x-x-1---x-x-1---| D|-----------------------------------------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------------------|
or like this: A E D E E|-x-x-5---x-x-5---x-x-4---x-x-4---x-x-0---x-x-0---x-x-4---x-x-4---| B|-x-x-5---x-x-5---x-x-5---x-x-5---x-x-3---x-x-3---x-x-5---x-x-5---| G|-x-x-6---x-x-6---x-x-4---x-x-4---x-x-2---x-x-2---x-x-4---x-x-4---| D|-----------------------------------------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------------------|
Remember to sing with a stupid Jamaican accent. The words in parantheses ( ) are the backing vocals. All the verses and choruses have the same chord progression: A E Dsus2 E. INTRO: F#m E Dsus2 Here we go A E Dsus2 E No, no, no A E Dsus2 E (oooh ooooh) (oooooh ooooooh) VERSE 1: A E Piece of shit car Dsus2 E I got a piece of shit car A E That fucking pile of shit Dsus2 E never gets me very far A E My car's a big piece of shit Dsus2 E 'cause the shocks are fucking shot A E and my seatbelt's fucking broken Dsus2 E I got to tie it in a knot (it's a piece of shit) VERSE 2: [play same as verse 1] I can't see throught the windshield 'cause it's got a big fucking crack and the interior smells real bad 'cause my friend puked in the back (it's a piece of shit) CHORUS: A E (piece of shit car) Dsus2 Piece of shit car E (you got a piece of shit car) A It sucks royal dick E (that fucking pile of shit) Dsus2 oooh, a 100 percent crap E (never gets him very far) A Oh fuck you car VERSE 3: It's got no CD player It only got the fuckin 8-track Whoever designed my car can lick my sweaty nutsack (they can lick his ass too) and I got no fucking brakes I'm always way out of control Eleven times a day I hear 'hey, watch it asshole' (you fucking piece of shit) CHORUS: [play like previous chorus] (piece of shit car) I got a piece of shit car (you got a piece of shit car) Diesel gas sucks my ass (you fucking pile of shit) That pile of metal shit BRIDGE: Dsus2 Oh what the fuck did I do? E what the fuck did I do? Dsus2 what the fuck did I do? E to get stuck with you? Dsus2 You're too wide for drive through E and you smell like tissue F#m E Dsus2 but I'm too broke to buy something new Ooooh, fuck me GUITAR-SOLO: - Played over verse/chorus chords: A E Dsus2 E a few times. VERSE 4: [play same as verses 1,2 & 3] Well, the engine likes to flood the car always fucking stalls and the seat cushion's got a big rip so a spring always pokes the balls (ouch ouch ouch) Blasted doorlocks are busted I got to use a fucking coathanger (what a pain in his ass) and if a girlie sees my car there's no chance I'll ever bang her (he never ever get the pussy) Hey shut up CHORUS: [play like previous choruses] (piece of shit car) You piece of shit car (he got a piece of shit car) You piece of shit car (piece of shit car) Bald fucking tires (he got a piece of shit car) No rearview fucking mirror (piece of shit car) Seven different colors (he got a piece of shit car) Fucking rag for a gas cap (piece of shit car) Tailpipe making sparks fly everywhere (he got a piece of shit car) (piece of shit car) Whoooooooah (he got a piece of shit car) (piece of shit car) Me hometown thinks I'm a loser (he got a piece of shit car) hey cabbie, give me a push (piece of shit car)
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