House Arrest tab with lyrics by Adams Bryan - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Adams Bryan – House Arrest tab

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by    Bryan Adams

Fig.1 G D G Gsus G D G---3--3-3----2-2-3---3-3--3-3----2-2-3--|---3--3-3----3-3-3---1-1--1-0----3-3-3--|---0--0-0----2-2-0---0-0--0-0----2-2-0--|-----------0-----0---0-0--0-0--0-----0--|-----------------2---2-2--2-2--------2--|-3---------------3---3-3--3-3--------3--|
(w/Fig.1) Well there's gonna be a party, gonna make some noise Yeah we're invitin' all the girls, invitin' all the boys There'll be dancin' on the tables, dancin' on the chairs Yeah there'll be dancin' in the parking lots and up and down the stairs [F] [G] Close the windows, [G] [C] lock the doors [F] [G] Turn it up now, [G] [C] pack the floors [F]Cops [G]are on the outside, [G] [C]landlord's on the phone Quick [D]turn out all the lights Pretend there ain't nobody home! It's a [G]house [D]arrest - every[Em]body [C]run I [G]gotta plead [D]guilty havin' - [Em]too much [C]fun This is a [G]house [D]arrest - up a[Em]gainst the [C]wall We [G]can't start [D]rockin' justa [Em]havin' a [C]ball (w/Fig.1) Won't you come around to my place, don't you know it's overdue You gotta' bring your little lady wear your dancing shoes [F] [G] Get a yellow taxi [G] [C] take a limousine [F] [G] You gotta' get there [G] [C] it's gonna be a seen It's [F]too [G]late can't wait [G] [C] get out while you can It was [D]fun while it lasted let's do it all again It's a [G]house [D]arrest - every[Em]body [C]run I [G]gotta plead [D]guilty havin' - [Em]too much [C]fun This is a [G]house [D]arrest - up a[Em]gainst the [C]wall We [G]can't start [D]rockin' justa [Em]havin' a [C]ball [B] [B] [A] [B] We'll be waking up the neighbours [E] [B] [B] [A] [B] Bouncin' off the walls [A] [B] [B] [A] [B] Hangin' off the ceilings. [D] We'll be dancing in and out of the halls... Solo - same chords as chorus Repeat chorus and fade.
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