Adele – Someone Like You tab ver. 10

So I found the original tab for this difficult to play as it changed what string
you played it on, so I moved it down to the D, G and B strings to make it easier
to play. I also have a capo on the 4th fret so I can see where I'm playing better,
and so I can play some other parts along with this, but it's not needed. Here is
it without the capo, I'll let you figure it out with:

That's what the piano does, but I play it differently. I add a ska-ish rhythm to that. It gives it more power, but it still works wit the song. For this I put my capo on the 5th fret so I can use my fingers more wisely, as I only have four (I'm not using my thumb). I alternate between playing an A with the 5th (A simple power chord) and playing the parts above as chords. I keep my fingers on all notes, like this (from capo):
I alternate playing the lowest two string (E and A) and playing the entire chord (I up strum for the whole chord). The order I play it in is
Keep in mind that this isn't how they play it in the song, this is just my creative interpretation. It might sound better with different bass chords, but this sounds decent without. If you could get more people to play, have someone play just the bass A chord (Or have them do something better), have one person do the piano part, and have another do the chords. I haven't had a chance to do that but I think it would sound nice. Also, I'm not sure if it has different parts later, but it might. I don't know them, but I could figure it out. You can E-mail me at for questions, recommendations, etc.
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