Adicts - Easy Way Out tab

The Adicts- Easy Way Out

F#    x4  E

F#             G

Verse: F# We've all been born G To live our lives in security F# G How do we know if we'll die F# G (riff) or if we will recover (same chords) From day to day We live our lives the same way No money to hold in our hands and no time to B spend it. Chorus: B A So I chose the easy way out B To do my body some harm B A Cut my throat and slashed my wrist D I even tried electricity D A I, cut my throat I, slashed my wrist D A F# I, it was the easy way out. F# X3 E F# x4 G (riff) We've all been born To live our lives on security How do we know if we'll die Or if we will recover Chorus F# x4 chorus
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