Adrian Belew - The Man In The Moon tab

As played on the amazing record "acoustic".

First chord is something similar (play more raw you can!)

*Play arpeggio (1st, 2nd, 3th and 4th strings every chords)* A There I stood in the night G#-
out on the broken pier C#-me with my feet in the seaC#-7 A you with your face in the clouds, G#-the man in the moon Aand as I heard your voice,
felt your laugh G#-
flood across the broken pierA (growing, then play chords)I wanted to die right then and there G#-You smiled down across the waves C#- as if to say to meC#-7 A"Everything will be okay, G#- C#-be strong and true" Aand I felt your eyes
like the tide G#- pulling me out into the air A for a moment in time you held me there, *Play main arpeggio* A and I felt your eyes like the tide G#- pulling me out into the air A Oh for a moment in time you held me there, F#- father and son, E home again' Main arpeggio
E|------------0----0----------0---0--|B|------5---5---5-------5---5---5----|G|----6---6-----------4---4----------| or something like this!!D|--6---------------6----------------|A|-----------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------|
A G#- C#- C#-7E|---0---|---0---|---0---|---0---|-------|B|---5---|---4---|---5---|---5---|-------|G|---6---|---4---|---6---|---4---|-------|D|---7---|---6---|---6---|---6---|-------|A|---0---|---0---|---0---|---0---|-------|E|---0---|---0---|---0---|---0---|-------|
Of course, fell free to make this tab better. I did my best, but Adrian is a monster guitarist and he does some strange chord; he's a he's the story, and I'm only a nut. But this is my tribute to him. Thank you Ade. This tab and the time to write it is dedicated to my father. I love you Dad, I miss you so much. My life without you is only an half of what it was. Well be "father and son, home again" and we'll love each other like always. Im sure. _Ozzy
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