Adrian Belew - Dream Life tab

As played on the amazing record "acoustic".


A B- Can you see me as your heart sees E A not apart from you, but a part of you A B- and remember me as the man I am E A A/G# not the things I do or faults I have F#- B-
and when you lie asleep at night E E/D A A/G#I'm beside you in your dream lifeF#- B-
and when you open up your eyes E A B-if you think of me...a-ahhh-ahhhA B-Know I am compromised,E E/D Afighting time and a busy life A B-and nothing seems to come easily E E/D A A/G#but I'll be there when you need me...F#- B-
and when you walk along the street E E/D A A/G#and the wind blows like a memoryF#- B-
if you should wake up suddenly E A B-and you think of me...a-ahhh-ahhhC#- G# G#-
History is full of hurt and tears D# D#-but nothing worse than the fear, A B-I'm forgottenA B-Most of all I want to sayE E/D AI hope you find your own way A B-and never quit but remember thisE E/D A A/G#life is quick; make the most of itF#- B-
and when you lie asleep at night E E/D A A/G#I'm beside you in your dream lifeF#- B-and when you open up your eyes E A B- Aif you think of me...a-ahhh-ahhh-ahhhhhh
A B- E A/G# E/D A (the final one)E|---0---|---2---|---0---|---0---|---0---|---5---|B|---2---|---3---|---0---|---2---|---0---|---5---|G|---2---|---4---|---1---|---2---|---1---|---6---|D|---2---|---4---|---2---|---2---|---0---|---7---|A|---0---|---2---|---2---|---0---|---2---|---7---|E|---0---|---2---|---0---|---4---|---0---|---5---|
Chords on bridge
C#- G# G#- D# DE|---4---|---4---|---4---|---3---|---2---|B|---5---|---4---|---4---|---4---|---3---|G|---6---|---5---|---4---|---3---|---2---|D|---6---|---6---|---6---|---5---|---4---|A|---4---|---6---|---6---|---6---|---5---|E|---4---|---4---|---4---|---3---|---2---|
Chords on "a-ahhh-ahhh" and "Im forgo-otten"
A B-E|-------|-------|B|-------|---3---|G|---2---|---4---|D|---2---|---4---|A|---0---|-------|E|-------|-------|
Of course, fell free to make this tab better. I did my best, but Adrian is a monster guitarist and he does some strange chord; hes a hes the story, and Im only a nut. But this is my tribute to him. Thank you Ade. _Ozzy
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