Adrian Belew – What I Believe In tab

What I Believe I In - Adrian Belew
As you can listen on "Inner Revolution" record.

*Fill 1*
Hold tight to your faith
don't let nobody make you jaded
    *Fill 2*
your love is precious,
*Fill 1*
give it to somebody who deserves it
*Fill 3*
this is what I believe in

*Fill 1*
Hold tight to yourself
don't let nobody give you hell
     *Fill 2*
your life is sacred
*Fill 1*
live it right, but live it your way
*Fill 3*
this is what I believe in

All the world is a cannibal
     F                E
even time itself will eat us all
but that's no reason to be a jerk
you either make it better or make it worse
A-    E-            A-
I believe this D- E-I believe it's trueA- E- A- D- E-I believe it I believe this
*Solo in E F E E F* *Fill1* Hold tight to your faith don't let nobody make you jaded Fill2 your love is precious, Fill 1 give it to somebody who deserves it Fill 3 this is what I believe in E All the world is dangerous F E full of homicidals and terrorists E but underneath their blanket of hate F the only thing that will survive is our love and faith A- E- A-
I believe this D- E-I believe it's trueA- E- A- D- E- I believe it I believe it’s true D- E-and I believe in me D- E-and I believe in you!
Legenda: Fill 1
Fill 2
E|-------------------|-----------------------|-------------------------------------|B|-------------9-----|------------9-------8--|--9^8----9^8----9^8-9-9^8----9^8-----|G|-------10^8----10--|-------10^8---10-10----|------10 ----10-----------10-----10--|D|----10-------------|----10-----------------|-------------------------------------|A|--8----------------|--8--------------------|-------------------------------------|E|-------------------|-----------------------|-------------------------------------|
Fill 3
Bridge (play this 2 chords pulling softly on strings)
E FE|----12x----|----13x----|B|----12x----|----13x----|G|-----9x----|----10x----|D|-----9x----|----10x----|A|------x----|------x----|E|------x----|------x----|
On the end of the bridge, on chords E-, A-, D-, Adrian plays some arpeggios I can’t understand. Like always, fell free to make this tab better. This is a very arpeggio song, not always I can understand what Adrian plays, and it’s not so simple to play exactly, but I try to give an idea of what it is. Thanks FM, this is for you and for the awesome person you are. Love You. _Ozzy
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