Adriano Celentano – Il Ragazzo Della Via Gluck tab

here is the intro... i am fairly new to picking out tunes just by listening, and this is
first tab ever, but i know this to be correct... just listen to the song.  anyone that
tell me if these notes are quarter, sixteenth, or eith notes please let me

standard tuning... sounds good in half step down as well.... enjoy

e or eb|------------------------------------------------------------------|B or Bb|------------------------------------------------------------------|G or Gb|-----3-h5----7-5---5----------------------------------------------|D or Db|-----------------7---7--5---5-------------------------------------|A or Ab|--------------------------7---7--5---5----------------------------|E or Eb|-----------------------------------7---7--5s3~~~~~~~~-------------|
also sounds good if you slide from the h5 to the 7 on the G string just before you pick well on an acoustic guitar anyway... which this song is great to play on an acoustic.
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