Aequitas – Geek Anthem chords

[Key: C]


C F Am GYou point and laugh because I am a virgin
C F Am GWell haha, so’s my imaginary girlfriend
C F Am GI look at her, she knows what Im after
C F Am GBlow me like a dragon, I’ll be your dungeon master
I may look stupid when I have my cape on I always wear it for the star wars marathon Ive got no job, no car, no life at all No bills to pay, no friends to call [Chorus]
C G Am FWe live at home, no where to go, look around, were all alone
C G Am FWe watch tv and sleep till three, you call us losers, but we’re as happy as can be
[Verse] You had a secret club you never let me in You said I’m weak ‘cuz I’m allergic to oxygen I collect action figures, please dont call them “dolls” The athletes never let me play with them or with their balls I have more comic books than I could ever read And every episode of Bill Nye on DVD Dont cook, dont clean, no my mommy does all that stuff I wear my Batman pajamas to make me tough [Bridge]
C GBazinga
AmScissors paper rock
FLizard beating Spock
C GBazinga
AmI used to play World of Warcraft
FBut then I took a vagina to the cock
(C) SamWrestle & aequitaS 2011/2012
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