Aerosmith – Pink tab

Intro: G F C D X3 Em A F

G             F                 C            D       CARRY ON LIKE THAT FOR A BIT!!
Pink it's my new obsession
 Pink Its not even a question
Pink on the lips of your lover
cause pink is the love you discover.
pink as the binge on your cherry
Pink cause you are so very,
Pink is the colour of passion
cause today it just goes with the fashion.

Chorus: Pink it was love at first sight
Pink when i turn out the light
And pink gets me high as a kite
            Em                               A                         F
and i think everything is going to be alright No matter what we do tonight.

You could be my flamingo
Cause pink is the new kind of lingo
Pink like a deco umberella
Its kink but you don't ever tell her!

I want to be your lover. I wanna wrap you in rubber. Pink as the sheets that we lay on. 
is my favorite  crayon. (CHORUS)

Tabbed by 5AMMY!!!
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