Aerosmith - The Hop tab

                    Title: The Hop
                    By: Aerosmith


 Starts with song drums

e --------------------------------------I b --------------------------------------I g ---------------4-----------------7----I d -----4-7--4----4-------4-7--4----7----I a --5---------5-------5---------5-------I e --------------------------------------I
e --------------------------------------I b --------------------------------------I g ---------------9----9--9--7-----------I d -----4-7--4----9----9--9----9-9-------I a --5---------5-------------------------I e --------------------------------------I
- verse e -------------------I b -------------------I g ---------------4---I play 4 times d -----4-7--4----4---I then play this... a --5---------5------I e -------------------I
e --------------------I b --------------------I g -----------------9--I play this 4 times d -----9-12--9-----9--I a --10---------10-----I e --------------------I
Repeat the whole verse until it goes to the 2nd "Can't stop a rockin' tonight" part were you play e ---------------------I b ---------------------I g --4---4---4---4--6---I d --------7---7--------I a ---------------------I e ---------------------I That leads to the solo that goes...
e ---------------------------12--10----12---I b -9--9--9--9--9--9--9---12---------12------I g ------------------------------------------I d ------------------------------------------I a ------------------------------------------I e ------------------------------------------I
e -12-10-----12--12-10------12---12-10------I b -------12-------------12-------------12---I g ------------------------------------------I d ------------------------------------------I a ------------------------------------------I e ------------------------------------------I
e ------------------------------------------I b --12--12-12--12-12--12-12--12-12--12-12---I g ------------------------------------------I d ------------------------------------------I a ------------------------------------------I e ------------------------------------------I
e ------------------------15-16------15-16--I b --12-12--12-12--12--17--15-----17--15-----I g ------------------------------------------I d ------------------------------------------I a ------------------------------------------I e ------------------------------------------I
e ------15-16-----15-16------15-16-----15-16-I b --17--15-----17-15-----17--15-----17-15----I g -------------------------------------------I d -------------------------------------------I a -------------------------------------------I e -------------------------------------------I
e ------15-16------15-16----I b --17--15-----17--15-15----I g --------------------------I d --------------------------I a --------------------------I e --------------------------I
Repeat the intro then play the bridge
Lyin' on my back tonight I watch her moon... e --10---10------------10----------------------I b ----------12--12--12-----12--12---12--12--12-I g ---------------------------------------------I d ---------------------------------------------I a ---------------------------------------------I e ---------------------------------------------I
I may be eatin' out tonight but I just ain't... e ------------------------10---------------------I b --12--12-12-12--12--12------12-12-10-10-10--12-I g -----------------------------------------------I d -----------------------------------------------I a -----------------------------------------------I e -----------------------------------------------I repeat the same guitar part with different lyrics. Then theres song little guitar solo, an amazing harmonica solo, and another little guitar solo. The lyrics go... Thinkin' about the night life in the ladies powder room My brothers like a howlin' wolf by the light of the silvery room Joey's like a Pavlov's dog when he starts to lasivate A harley man gets off his hog to shake his rattle snake Chorus- And me I got a brand new band you know something just ain't right Say Yeah, Yeah, can't stop rockin' tonight. Hangin' at the Shopin' mall with a wise mouthfull of sass Leave your smile outside the door 'cause the kids been kickin' ass My own boot heels be smockin' ya really got to understand Were burnin' down the town tonight when our new shit hits the fan Chorus Solo Livin' on my back tonight I watched her moon eclipse I may be eatin' out tonight but I just ain't leavin' tips So you best watch out what you do and a who you do it with 'Cause you all be kickin' ass tonight with the boys in Aerosmith
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