Aerosmith - Shes On Fire tab

She's On Fire(from Done With Mirrors)

intro(w/slide)- E----------------------------------------------------| B-------0----------0-----------0-------------0-------| G--2\\5-0-----5\\7-0------7\\9-0------10\\12-0-------| D----------------------------------------------------| A----------------------------------------------------| E----------0-----------0-----------0-------------0---|
On the fourth time, substitute this at the end: E---------------| B-----------0---| G--10\12/10p0---| D---------------| A---------------| E---------------|
main slide riff- E--------------------------------------| B--------------------------------------| G---0--3\\5--0--3\\5--0--3\\5//3p0-----| D---0--3\\5--0--3\\5--0--3\\5//3p0-(0)-| A--------------------------------------| E--------------------------------------| repeat
verse- C5 Hot to trot A She's a bit insane G Little bit of pleasure D5 With a little bit of pain Symbol used in transcription: \\ = slide(w/slide on ring finger)
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