Afghan Whigs – Be Sweet tab

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From: "L. Bochicchio" 
Subject: TAB: Be Sweet by Afghan Whigs
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 1995 10:18:19 +0100 (BST)

Afghan Whigs - Be Sweet

Picked this up after seeing them at Reading '94

Lee Bochicchio (


(repeat x4, on 4th time add extra note)e|-----------------------------------------|---------------|B|-----------------------------------------|---------------|G|---10--10-----9---9----------------------|---------------|D|---12--12----10--10-----7---------7------|--8------------|A|---------------------------8---------8---|---------------|E|-------------------------------6---------|---------------|
Ladies, let me tell you... Bridge/Whatever You Call It
(play twice) (let ring)e|--1--1--1----0--0--0----0------------------|B|--2--2--2----1--1--1----3------------------| Back into verse...G|--3--3--3----2--2--2----2------------------|D|--3--3--3----2--2--2-----------------------|A|--1--1--1----0--0--0-----------------------|E|-------------------------------------------|
The solo is played on the e,B,G strings at around about the 12th fret down to the 9th? It's a bit haphazard, and difficult to follow, but using the following fingering you should be able to come up with something similar...
E A D G B e----------- 1 1 1 9th fr.----------- 2 -| lift/press these fingers at----------- --------------------------------------------------| the appropriate points to get 3 -|------------- a reasonable version of the solo--|----------- --------------------------------------------------| a little futher into the solo, slide 4 -| about 4 frets up un the neck (12) - I think!----------- If anyone has a more accurate tab than this, let me know!-----------
The song proceeds verse/chorus etc. The end part (best bit IMHO) is :
(strum pretty loosely - listen to the record, you'll get the idea)e|-------------1--1--1------5--5--5-------8---8---8-----------|B|-------------2--2--2------6--6--6-------8---8---8-----------|G|-------------3--3--3------7--7--7-------9---9---9-----------|D|-------------3--3--3------7--7--7-------10--10--10----------|A|-------------1--1--1------5--5--5-------10--10--10----------|E|----------------------------------------8---8---8-----------| be sweet, be sweet, be sweet...
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