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Afi – Who Knew tab

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AFI - Who Knew
Submitted By: Sqweeky
EMail: Blindside831@aol.com
By: pattywax4343@home.com

Most of this song is right...or at least it sounds right. I don't know, screw 
around with it until you think it sounds right. I put the chords above cause it
looks really confusing in tab form.

*  - play multiple times
pm - palm mute
x  - don't play this string
~  - let ring
&  - pickslide

Intro: B D B G F# G A D A B A D E B B D B G F# G D A D A B Eme|-7*-5-7--3*-2--3--5*-5-5--7-5-5-7-7*--7*-5-7--3*-2--3--5*-5-5-5-7~----7~|B|-7*-7-7--3*-2--3--5*-7-5--7-5-7-9-7*--7*-7-7--3*-2--3--7*-5-7-5-7~----8~|G|-8*-7-8--4*-3--4--6*-7-6--8-6-7-9-8*--8*-7-8--4*-3--4--7*-6-7-6-8~----9~|D|-9*-7-9--5*-4--5--7*-7-7--9-7-7-9-9*--9*-7-9--5*-4--5--7*-7-7-7-9~----9~|A|-9*-5-9--5*-4--5--7*-5-7--9-7-5-7-9*--9*-5-9--5*-4--5--5*-7-5-7-9~----7~|E|-7*-5-7--3*-2--3--5*-5-5--7-5-5-7-7*--7*-5-7--3*-2--3--5*-5-5-5-7~-&--7~|
Let that E minor ring for a while (listen to song for timing) phew...now for the...
First Verse (after a long pause) A A Em B D A Em B A F#e|-------5*------5*--7*--7*-5*-5*-7*--7*-5*----2*----|B|-------5*------5*--8*--7*-7*-5*-8*--7*-5*----2*----|G|-------6*------6*--9*--8*-7*-6*-8*--8*-6*----3*----|D|-------7*------7*--9*--9*-7*-7*-9*--9*-7*----4*----|A|-------7*------7*--7*--9*-5*-7*-7*--9*-7*----4*----|E|-------5*------5*--7*--7*-5*-5*-7*--7*-5*----2*----| pm ----> pm -->
Second Verse (let those chrods ring!) Em B D A Em B A A Em B D A Em B A F#e|--7~--7~-5~-5~-7~--7~--5*------5*--7*--7*-5*-5*-7*--7*-5*----2*----|B|--8~--7~-7~-5~-8~--7~--5*------5*--8*--7*-7*-5*-8*--7*-5*----2*----|G|--9~--8~-7~-6~-9~--8~--6*------6*--9*--8*-7*-6*-8*--8*-6*----3*----|D|--9~--9~-7~-7~-9~--9~--7*------7*--9*--9*-7*-7*-9*--9*-7*----4*----|A|--7~--9~-5~-7~-7~--9~--7*------7*--7*--9*-5*-7*-7*--9*-7*----4*----|E|--7~--7~-5~-5~-7~--7~--5*------5*--7*--7*-5*-5*-7*--7*-5*----2*----| pm ----> pm -->
Chorus (i'm trying not to get lazy now) B G D B G D B G D Ae|--7*-3-5--7*-3-5--7*-3*-5*-5*-----|B|--7*-3-7--7*-3-7--7*-3*-7*-5*-----|G|--8*-4-7--8*-4-7--8*-4*-7*-6*-----|D|--9*-5-7--9*-5-7--9*-5*-7*-7*-----|A|--9*-5-5--9*-5-5--9*-5*-5*-7*-----|E|--7*-3-5--7*-3-5--7*-3*-5*-5*-----|
Breakdown (this is the interesting part...octaves seemed to work for me) B A A B D D B F# D G A F# D G A F# D G D E Ae|-7---5-5-7--5-5-7----------------------------------------------------5----|B|-7---5-5-7--7-7-7----------------------------------------------------5----|G|-8---6-6-8--7-7-8------11*-----12*-14-11*-----12*-14-11*-----12*-7-9-6----|D|-9---7-7-9--7-7-9------x---12*-x---x--x---12*-x---x--x---12*-x---x-x-7----|A|-9---7-7-9--5-5-9------9*--x---10*-12-9*--x---10*-12-9*--x---10*-5-7-7----|E|-7---5-5-7--5-5-7----------10*------------10*------------10*---------5----|
pm -> HOLY CRAP! That took a long time...maybe i should invest in a tab editor... Anyways, here is the order: Intro First Verse Chorus Second Verse Chorus Breakdown Now for the part right after the breakdown play the second half of either verse (notice that they are the same). Then jump back into the chorus and end with this:
Outro B A A Be|-7~--5-5-7----------|B|-7~--5-5-7----------|G|-8~--6-6-8----------|D|-9~--7-7-9---LIFE!--|A|-9~--7-7-9----------|E|-7~--5-5-7----------|
Jeez...I'm finally done. Any questions or comments, send them to me. (Email is up top ^)
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