Aforafro - Fly & Be A Bird tab

m: CRUICKSHANK Justin John 
Subject: tab:a/aforafro/
Date: Sunday, March 15, 1998 8:12 PM

"Fly & Be a Bird"   by the debut,self-titled e.p.


||        |       |       |      ||
||:C#7    |       |D7     |     :||
||        |       |       |      ||

|       |       |       |       |        |        |
|C#7    |       |D7     |       |C#7     |        |
|       |       |       |       |        |        |

Break X3e|| ----------------- ||------b|| ----------------- ||------g||.-----------------.||------d||.-----------------.||------a|| -2--3--4--5--6-7- ||-2----e|| -0--1--2--3--4-5- ||-0----
Chorus X2 (X4 in 2nd chorus)e|| ------------------|------------------- ||b|| ------------------|------------------- ||g||.------------------|-------------------.||d||.-7--7h9-7-6-------|-7--7h9-7-6--------.||a|| -------------7----|------------------- ||e|| ------------------|------------------- ||
Slow Funk X8 || | || ||:A7 |E7 :|| || | ||
Chord Voicings.....
C#7 D7 A7 E7e---------------3-----0---b---------------2-----3---g----4----5-----2-----1---d----3----4-----2-----0---a----4----5-----0-----2---e---------------------0---
Verse 1 Trippa jibba jabba when y'flyin' on the weather but the weather's kinda nasty, makes y' want a pasty wait up! hold up! can't y'see i'm livin' in y'mind, in y'soul, in y'troubled lil' world. you're droppin' bomps and i can't see if i'm gonna knock y'down or i'm gonna be a tree. but-you-can't-see-that-I'm-not-your-head-so-don't-you-want-to-fly-and-be-a-king? Verse 2. Just fly and be a hound dog, raisin the king and now y'dyin' for it can't control this thing o'yours and now you're itchin for it, saturday just ain't the same without the game........ little mister blister with his funky little sister got a pocket full of posies, ring-a-ring-a-rosie but-you-can't-see-that-I'm-not-your-head-so-don't-you-want-to-fly-and-be-a-king? Slow funk rap. you think you have control of me just look at your life you've got my dick in your hand but you don't know what to do Structure. intro/verse/break/chorus verse/break/chorus slow funk/outro trans by jc
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