After School – When I Fall tab

When I Fall by After School
Played by ears once again and it needed capo at the second fret to make sound the 
same like the song. For the chords I'm not exactly sure about those other names of 
the chords xD. Well I apologize for that. For the intro Pluck it don't strum the 
first part! It would be awesome if someone is playing this song with you. He could 
do the strumming at the intro though. Well it's up to you anyways. I'm using two 
different Em's(E minor) here. The other with lower tone and the other is the 
higher one. You will see it when you get to the Bridge part of the song. Don't 
worry I'll put the numbering for that part. I hope you'll enjoy this. I did try to 
make it sound the same as the song. Not 100% accurate, but I did try my best.

Legend: ~ let it ring/vibrato| 0-open string means pluck or strum it.| x-dead 
string means don't play it don't hit it when u strum it. That's impossible sometimes lol.

The plucking part is only at the Intro the rest you strum it.

Intro Chords C9-G-D|

Play C9 twice  

C9 G D1--------3---|--------3--|-------2--|2------3-----|------3----|-----3----|3-----0------|----0------|----2-----| intro x24------------|-----------|--0-------|so whenever u play those individual5--3---------|-----------|----------|chords tap the strings. For example,6------------|--3--------|----------|after u pluck the C9 tap it so it would have a little percussion sound. The same thing with G and D. If you listen to this song at the intro part you will hear tapping sound for every individual chord at the intro. Just for the intro.
Verse 1 Chords C9x2-G-D|
C9 G D1---3~-3~---|-----3~---|----2~---|2---3~-3~---|-----3~---|----3~---|3---0~-0~---|-----0~---|----2~---| x44---2~-2~---|-----0~---|----0~---|5---3~-3~---|-----2~---|----x----|6---x--x----|-----3~---|----x----|
Refrain Chords Em-C9-G-D
Em C9 G D1---3~---|----3~---|----3~---|-222222-|2---3~---|----3~---|----3~---|-333333-|3---0~---|----0~---|----0~---|-222222-|4---2~---|----2~---|----0~---|-000000-|5---2~---|----3~---|----2~---|-xxxxxx-|6---0~---|----x----|----3~---|-xxxxxx-|
Chorus Chords Em-C9-G-D x2| Em-C9-G-D | C9-G-D~|
Em C9 G D 1----3----|----3----|----3----|----2----|2----3----|----3----|----3----|----3----| 3----0----|----0----|----0----|----2----| x2 You can choose your own strumming patterns.4----2----|----2----|----0----|----0----| 5----2----|----3----|----2----|----x----|6----0----|----x----|----3----|----x----|
Em C9 G D1----3----|----3----|----3----|----2----|2----3----|----3----|----3----|----3----|3----0----|----0----|----0----|----2----| Just change ur strumming pattern on this part.4----2----|----2----|----0----|----0----| 5----2----|----3----|----2----|----x----|6----0----|----x----|----3----|----x----|
play C9 twice
C9 G D1----33----|-----3-----|----2~---|2----33----|-----3-----|----3~---|3----00----|-----0-----|----2~---|4----22----|-----0-----|----0~---|5----33----|-----2-----|----x----|6----xx----|-----3-----|----x----|
Repeat Intro, Verse 1 has the same chords as Verse 2, and then Chorus. Bridge Em-C9x2| Am7-G-C9-D~| Em-C-G-D| Play Em and C9 twice
Em C91----33----|-----33----|2----33----|-----33----|3----00----|-----00----| x24----22----|-----22----|5----22----|-----33----|6----00----|-----xx----|
Am7 G C9 D1----0----|----3----|----3----|----2~---|2----1----|----3----|----3----|----3~---|3----0----|----0----|----0----|----2~---|4----2----|----0----|----2----|----0~---|5----0----|----2----|----3----|----x----|6----x----|----3----|----x----|----x----|
Em C G D 1----0----|----0----|----3----|----2----|2----0----|----1----|----3----|----3----|3----0----|----0----|----0----|----2----| The Em that I'm talking about in my description earlier. 4----2----|----2----|----0----|----0----|5----2----|----3----|----2----|----x----|6----0----|----x----|----3----|----x----|Repeat ChorusThen for the last time go back in the Intro.
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