Against Me – Nuclear Cowboys In An Age Of Drift tab

Nuclear Cowboys in an Age of Drift - Against Me!

Tabbed by: Tux D-Lux

Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)

Most of the song is played on 3 chords:

    B           Gm         F#/Gb

e|---2---| e|---3---| e|---2---|B|---4---| B|---3---| B|---2---|G|---4---| G|---3---| G|---3---|D|---4---| D|---5---| D|---4---|A|---2---| A|---5---| A|---4---|E|---x---| E|---3---| E|---2---|
During the middle and at the end, he switches to these higher chords: D A E
e|---5---| e|---5---| e|---7---|B|---7---| B|---5---| B|---9---|G|---7---| G|---6---| G|---9---|D|---7---| D|---7---| D|---9---|A|---5---| A|---7---| A|---7---|E|---x---| E|---5---| E|---x---|
If the notes sound a little off or the movements are too hard, play them like power chords. I'm pretty sure Tom does it that way anyway. The strumming rhythms are pretty easy to pick up so I'll leave those outm but before he the entire chord, he taps the first note. For example, the beginning would be: B Gm F#/Gb
e|------2---| e|----3---| e|----2---|B|------4---| B|----3---| B|----2---|G|------4---| G|----3---| G|----3---|D|------4---| D|----5---| D|----4---|A|-0-2--2---| A|----5---| A|----4---|E|------x---| E|-3--3---| E|-2--2---|
Intro: B Gm F# (x2) B Gm F# This is the dumbest movie that I've ever seen B Gm The outcome is predictable F# B And the casting is so obvious and transparent Gm F# Acting transparent politicians B Gm F# And with out without your vote, well the election's going to happen Gm B I know it burns in your stomach to feel so cheated Gm D A E It burns in your stomach to feel there's nothing you can do about it D A E So we laugh together in the same cynical way D A E And we'll talk about it in the same beaten-down way Gm B And nothing changes [Interlude] [B x 3 1/2]
e|---------------------------------2----------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------4----------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------4----------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------4----------------------------------------|A|--9--7--5--4--7--5--4--0---------2--------0~------------------------------|E|---------------------------------x----------------------------------------| ^ Halfway through the 4th Strumming rhythm, stop and hit the open A (hard)
B Gm F# These are the same choices that we've always had B Gm It's the same rhetoric F# It's the same campaign promises B Gm F# Oh, you don't have to buy what they're selling B Gm F# But with or without your vote, one of these candidates will take office Gm B And everybody's praying to go numb Gm Everybody's got the same excuses D A E There's nothing they can do about it D A E So we laugh together in the same cynical way D A E And We'll talk about it in the same beaten-down way D A E Yeah, we laugh together in the same cynical way D A E And we talk about it in the same beaten-down way Gm And nothing changes B Nothing ever changes END: B B B
e|---------------------------------2--2--2---|B|---------------------------------4--4--4---|G|---------------------------------4--4--4---|D|---------------------------------4--4--4---|A|--9--7--5--4--7--5--4--0---------2--2--2---|E|---------------------------------x--x--x---| ^ ^ ^ Strum these hard
And there you have it.
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