Against Me – Untitled tab

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Intro B E2 F# E G#me|----7----7----2----0----4---------------------------------------------|B|----7----9----2----0----4---------------------------------------------|G|----8----9----3----1----4---------------------------------------------|D|----9----9----4----2----6---------------------------------------------|A|----9----7----4----2----6---------------------------------------------|E|----7----7----2----0----4---------------------------------------------| (play E2 chord only once during intro bit, listen for timing)BOne night we lay beside each other so close to a sweat
With two fans circling overhead we sleep on borrowed time F# And the traffic lights, direct empty roads, the stars can't break the city sky E But they still try, despite what they know is already true B And tomorrow, we'll take aim, just like a storm waiting for our calm F# I can feel everything coming my chest, my heart's already pounding E My head's on far-off highways, sixteen years old, on a road that never ends F# might drive into something that looks like the sunset it lasts forever and I never look back. CHORUS B from Hoboken, to LA F# from Portland, to gainesville E from the Great Plains to Niagra F# Route 66 straight to California B Electric Lights, carry the night F# .........We move in 4/4 Time E On feet, on wheels, and in the sky F# Yes we're goin, cause we die if we stay here G#m And those dying dreams will carry whats good F# And real, and pure E F# And the Rest can Burn in Hell B And for the four-year-old girl found dead in a dumpster shot by her mother her Eulogy's sound of construction through head-to-head traffic. Today is just another day. F# And me and my friends are just going into the drunks and liars that we've always hated. E Every shortcoming has trapped us, every mistake is now our own infinite failure. B So we steal every chance we get. Every advantage is taken when no one's lookin F# Well hid behind close doors; and we won't stop until we are the people that we've decided we should be. E I wanna be a shot heard round the world, fuckin unstoppable. This distance is not we'll regret. F# Between here and now and then and forever and days after that til the very end chorus
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