Against Me - Beginning In An Ending tab

A few chords Iím not sure about, but it's better than 
the other tabs and it sounds good.

Chords A*    xx674x 
       Bm7   232422
       Gmaj9 330002
       Em7   330220

Intro(taps guitar 4 times)|--------------------||--------------------||--------------------| 2X|--4---5---7---------||--5---7---9---------||--------------------|
|--------------------||--------------------||--------------------| 2X|--4---5---7---------||--5---7---9---------||--------------------| Every day Has a beginning and ending, like
|----------------------||----------------------||----------------------||--2-------------------| 3X|--4---5-----7---------||--5---7-----9---------| Every life Has a start and finish. July is gone like the
|-----------3---------||-----------3---------||-----------0---------||-----------0---------||-----------2---------||--2--------3---------| Gasoline it took
|----------3----------||----------3----------||----------0----------| 2X|----------0----------||----------2-----4----||----------3-----5----|To make the circle again.Florida to Florida, by way of
D5 A* B5 A5 G5 G(barred) America,
|-------------------------||-------------------------||-------------------------| 2X|--4---5-------7----------||--5---7-------9----------||-------------------------| Cocaine and soda, Playing Tetris in our underwear.
|----------------------||----------------------||----------------------| 3X|--2-------------------||--4---5-----7---------||--5---7-----9---------| We take turns reading letters, I read the haiku and you move your nails across my legs. In your arms,
|---------------3----------||---------------3----------||---------------0----------||---------------0----------||---------------2----------||------2--------3----------| I don't know who I am,
|-----3-------------------||-----3-------------------||-----0-------------------||-----0-------------------||-----2-------------4-----||-----3-------------5-----|Taking all I know about nihilism
|--3----------------------------||--3----------------------------||--0------------------------7---||--0------------------------7---||--2-------------4----------5---||--3-------------5--------------|And trying to build it into a life.
Get ready to yell D5 A* With your Bm7 D5 A* Bm7 Thought in mind, I walk the streets down G D A7? Dsus2? -both sound good to the shore and I sink into the Pacific. Bm7 D G Gmaj9 Em7 Em7 Well this is everything up to now ending G Gmaj9 Em7 Em7 Gmaj9 Ending G D D5 A* Bm7 Dsus2 G It was nice to believe for a wh-hi-hi-hi-hi-ile.
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