Against Me – Graceful Concession chords

This is off the New Wave B-sides.  It's an awesome song.

Bm - Em - A - D - D5e|-2-|--3--|-0-|-2-|-0-||B|-3-|--5--|-2-|-3-|-2-||G|-4-|--4--|-2-|-2-|-3-||D|-4-|--2--|-2-|-0-|-0-||A|-2-|--2--|-0-|---|---||E|---|-----|---|---|---||
Bm Em AM D D5 Your talent outshines all that I could ever do or say
Bm Em AM D D5and me and my jealousy, I stole your songs and passed them off as my own
Bm Em AM D D5As much as I would like for it not to show
Bm Em AM D D5you can smell the stink on my breath and in my clothes, it's so obvious
G A Bm oh if I could only be half the things you write about in your songs
G A Bmif I could only mean half as much to anyone
Bm Em AM D D5 and in my arrogance I write pages of anger hate and spite
Bm Em AM D D5all of the reasons I have to trust... absolutely no one
Bm Em AM D D5today I heard you on my stereo and it shamed me,
Bm Em AM D D5yes it shamed me to think that I could be so unoriginal
G A Bm oh if I could only be half the genius that you are
G A Bm to feel such honest want, to show love
Bm-C#-D-Bm-Em-A I would show you love Under Solo Bm C# D Em A
G A Bmoh if I could only feel half as resolute in my beliefs,
G A Bmif I could only sing with such bravery
G A Bm Bm-A-G-F#I can not explain how much you mean to me
G A Bmwithout your words, I would be lost.
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