Against Me - White Crosses chords version 1

Against me! - White crosses


A  x02220
D  xx0232
E  022100
Bm x24432
Fm 244222
A* xxx121312 (twelve thirteen)

Intro A, D, A, E, A


AI wake up in the morning and I drink from the fountain.
I wake up in the morning with the same unanswered questions.
D E AI don't know what's going to cure my unsettled stomach.
Street kids collect spare change in a conch shell on the side walk; their teeth are yellow, their hair is tangled.
D E A A* Their minds are vapid and they laugh wild in their depravity.
Bm E A DI'll make my way back home to you, head north on San Marco Avenue.
Bm E A D White crosses on the church lawn, I want to smash them all.
A DI want to smash them all.
A, D, A Pony tails swinging back and forth behind beach blonde college girls out for a jog.
D E ASaint Augustine, shine your light down on me!
Pop hits from the 90's echo out of tourist filled bars.
D EI am met with arms crossed under dirty looks, I am treated like a common
A A*thief.
FmEaves-dropping in on conversation, I wander aimless leering at strangers.
D E A A*Strung out on the amphetamines that you gave to me.
FmEye-balled with suspicion by a pencil skirt in high heels,
you realize that you're talking to yourself.
D E ACannon fire explodes out over the bay.
Chorus Tabbed by Mag
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