Against Me - Miami chords

                           MIAMI - Against Me!
Tabbed by: Simon

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Intro: Am E F Am (strum slowly then faster up to high Am)e|--0--0~--------0------------1---------------0----------------x------------|B|--1--1~--------0------------1---------------1--------/////---13-----------|G|--2--2~--------1------------2---------------2--------/////---14-----------|D|--2--2~--2--0--2------------3---------------2--------/////---14-----------|A|--0--0~--------2------------3---------------0----------------0------------|E|--x--x---------0----0-0-0---1-----3---1-----x----------------x------------|
Verse 1:
Am GWe charge into danger, No guarantees or safe places
F E No one can be trusted, everyone is a suspect
Am GAll the money's worthless, The talent is trite and exaggerated
F E The food is turning and the water's fucking poison
Am GAnd it's rotting your teeth right out of your head, sight and hearing are quickly faded
F EYour gut's expanding, your hairline's receding, The sores are opening and the cancer's spreading
Am GAnd the antibiotics aren't working, All the drugs are just strangely sobering
F EAnd the skeletons in your closet have opened the door and they've started talking
AmJust like Miami! (Miami!) Fucking Miami (Miami!)
GSharks circling for the feeding
F EAll hope has been abandoned, like ballots drifting into the ocean.
Hey! Verse 2:
Am GThey're in your room while you're sleeping, They're in your car behind the seat waiting
FAll the rifle sights are on the back of your head
EThey're slipping it in your drink when you're not looking.
Am GAnd they're selling it to you as art, It's every other word in movies and songs.
F EAll the public is buying, it's business as usual, and the business is capitalizing
Amon your fear, your greed, your perversions and vices
GThey say you're guilty, they've got the evidence to prove it
FThe mistakes are obvious, the faults are glaring,
E N.C.The plane is on fire, the fucking SHIP IS SINKING!
Am GAnd you're swept away in a hurricane, You're buried in the rubble of an earthquake
FIt's terminal, inoperable, they're amputating!
EMassive haemorrhaging, major fucking complications!
Chorus x 2
Am (End)Miami!
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