Against Me - Rapid Decompression chords version 1

Intro: C

C G CHow much is too much?
C G CI'm tired of predicting to lose.
F CBut before you point your finger,
F Cbefore you cast your stones,
F# (slide to) Gtake a look at yourself.
CHow can you expect from someone what you won't do yourself?
C G CThere's no bottom to your reality.
C G CYour desperation is utter and complete.
F C F CWhat you can't love about yourself you have to steal from someone else;
F# (slide to) G Cand what you can't steal you have to deny.
G F C D C (palm mute)
CRapid Decompression.
G x2Rapid Decompression.
F CRapid Decompression.
F CRapid Decompression.
F# (slide to) G CSometimes it feels like your whole world is coming to an end.
G F C D C Coming to an end
G F C D C Coming to an end.
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