Against Me – Beginning In An Ending chords

Here are the chords, the rhythm can be figured out by listening Carefully. Enjoi.

D E F# D E F# Every day has a beginning and ending, just like
E F# G E F# Gevery life has a start and finish.
D E F# G A G AJuly is gone like the gasoline it took to make the circle again.
G A D A Bm A GFlorida to Florida, by the way of America.
D E F# D E F#Cocaine and soda, playing Tetris in our underwear.
E F# G E F# GWe take turns reading letters, I read the haiku and you move your nails
across my legs.
D E F# G AIn your arms, I don't know who I am,
G A G A Dtaking all I know about nihilism and trying to build it into a life.
D A Bm D A Bm G D AWith your thought in mind, I walk the streets down to the shore and I sink into the Pacific.
G A G D AThis is everything up to now ending.
G D Aending
G A D A Bm A GIt was nice to believe for a while.
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