Against Me - Those Anarcho Punks Are Mysterious Acoustic chords version 1

This is my first tab, I felt that it needed to be done because the current 
chord one is off.  There is no B chord in this song; just F#m, A, D & E.  I 
use the barre chord A ("A2") in some places just because I find it easy for 
the quick walk up from F#m.  I placed the chord changes as relatively close 
as I could to the lyric being said at the time.

Chord Shapes

     F#m   A     A2    D     E

Opening Chord: F#m
(No Chord)F#mwe're all presidents,
we're all congressmen,
Dwe're all cops
Ain waiting, we are the workers of the world.
Ethere is the elite
and the dispossessed.
F#mit's only about survival.
D Awho has the skill to play the game for all it's worth,
Eand reach an obscure kind of perfection.
F#m A2 D F#mlet's try and keep as much emotion out of this as possible.
let's try not to remember any names.
Ewe'll do it for a country,
for a people, for a moral vision.
F#m A2 Dunited we'll make them remember
F#mour history.
Eor how we'd like to be told.
Dhow we like to be told.
(No Chord) And we rock, because it's us against them we found our own reasons to sing, and it's so much less confusing when lines are drawn like that.
F#mwhen people are either consumers or revolutionaries,
D Aenemies or friends. hanging onto the fringes of the cogs in the system. it's
Ejust about knowing where everyone stands.
all of the sudden people start talking about guns,
F#m A2 D F#mtalking like they're going to war.
Ecause they found something to die for.
F#m A2 Dstart taking back what they stole,
F#msure beats every other option.
Ebut does it make a difference how we get it
Dwell do you really fucking get it
E D A ENo No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No
F#m E A
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