Against Me – Pretty Girls chords ver. 2

This is a modified version of the tab already posted. The other tab has a few 
incorrect chords but they had most of it down. Major props to the original submitter.

INTRO: C(I believe Laura does a hammer-on in the intro on the first string going from the
open E to the first fret F while maintaining that C chord) VERSE:
C AmWhat are you gonna say when she picks up the phone?
Dm GShould you leave a message if she's not at home?
C Am I wanted to know if you'd like to see a movie or get a drink.
Dm GIt would be cool just to be in your company.
CBut if she says yes know what intentions might be.
AmIf one thing leads to another and there's some chemistry.
DmYou cannot lie, you have to tell the truth.
GYou have to explain why this could never be, because
AmThere are things that cannot be undone.
GThere are mistakes that will never be forgiven.
C G Sometimes at night, I pray to wake a different person in a different place.
CMaybe we could just be friends.
AmI'm being a bit presumptuous.
DmThe stomach churns, the mind starts to race.
GYou nervously start to exaggerate.
CI just want to be young, I want to live.
AmI want to be healthy,
I don't want this problem.
DmYou wouldn't think something like irresponsibility,
Gwould complicate something like asking for some company.
AmBut there are things you must accept as said and done.
GThere are truths you must learn to confront.
CYou can pray all night and day.
GYou'll always wake the same person in the same place.
AmDrunk mouth ruined it again.
Sometimes I say the dumbest things. OUTRO:
CBaby it's not you specifically it could be anybody.
GI gone and built this up in my head and now it's already over,
It's already over, it's already over before it started. Am Please post any corrections or edits! Maybe with some help we can get that little fill after the first chorus. AM!
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