Against Me – I Am Citizen tab


chords used: C G F C9* Am e|x----3----x----x----xb|1----3----1----1----1g|0----0----2----0----2 d|2----0----3----0----2 a|3----2----x----2----x E|x----3----x----x----x
C, G, F C G Christ we were dying in the streets running one last anthem through your F C G heart. Swearing life on liberty I'll take a dream an ideal die sound in a F lonely death. Pass this compromise on...... F G C C9 My regrets to Columbus (GA) and nothing more when Reagan became the final Am F G C C9 Am word. Just one month later they shot Lennon dead, will anybody cry for me? F G C C9 Am All nations claim until they day that I die, I am citizen. C G F We'll let music rule our life, celebrate shortcomings. If it's not angry C young and beautiful, I don't want any part of it. Who do you have to cheat G F to get what you want, who do you lie to, to get what you need? You deserve everything you got coming to you... *=i'm not quite sure what that chord is called. so were gonna call it a C9
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