Against Me - We Did It All For Don Acoustic tab

Artist: Against Me!
Song: We Did It All For Don (acoustic)
Standard Tuning

A.e--0--0--0--2--|B--2--0--2--3--|G--2--1--2--2--| X2D--2--2--2--0--|A--0--2--0--0--|E-----0--------|"Please tell me why..."
B.e--0--0--2--|B--2--0--3--|G--2--1--2--|D--2--2--0--| X2A--0--2--0--|E-----0-----|"It's with the company of these friends..."
C.e--2-----2--|B--2-----3--|G--2-----2--| X2D--4--2--0--|A--4--2--0--|E--2--0-----|"We're gonna force ourselves to live..."
D.e--0--2--2--|B--0--2--3--|G--1--2--2--| X4D--2--4--0--|A--2--4--0--|E--0--2-----|"In the middle of America..."
Song order is A B C, A B C D, A B C D, A B Listen to the song and the rhythm and timing is pretty easy to follow.
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