Against Me - Edenquest tab

Song: Edenquest
Artist: Against Me! / Tom Gabel
Album: Vivida Vis!
Tuning: Standard
Capo: Nope.

As I'm tabbing this, please keep in mind that the B string on my guitar is so low that
its practically muted. The machinebead is broken. So as you're playing this...mute the
B string. w00t. First tab.

Intro -

e|0-0--00000000B|X-X--XXXXXXXXG|2-2--22220000 (repeat)D|---------2222A|-------------E|-------------
*I'm almost positive [0X03] part is incorrect. Sorry. But it flows. Song: Am - Em - C - Am - Em Legend: Am Em C e|0|0|0| B|1|0|1| G|2|1|0| D|2|2|2| A|0|2|3| E|0|0|0|
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