Against Me - Yall Dont Want To Step To Dis tab


Intro: Bm, G, Gb (then slide Gb to G and then back)

Bm                                     G
Four sins past sainthood, it's like I'm dying to forget,
the sleepless nights lying perfectly alone and still.
Bm                        Gb
I can drink 'til victory, I'll drink to the mighty,
drink until I die or at least until the sunrise.
When honesty as popular as a plague
A                           Bm                     G
comes to remind me the dead's winning the race with me. going nowhere,
D                                     A
Right down the street a prostitute is selling the closest thing to love 
Bm                         G
that this country has to offer. 
Bm                         G
And Alachua still sleeps tonight X3

Bm                            G
so we fought for the republic the catholic sun filled every eye.
Gb                                                               Bm
From the atlantic to the pacific ocean,victory, I'll drink to the mighty.
             G                 Gb
We died for oil, we died for borders, killed for democracy, still believed every platform.
D                                    A
Can You handle the death, accept what you create together.
Bm                               G
I still know every politician is a fucking monster.
D                            A 
Culture kills bureaucrats and all other undesirables.
Bm                                            G
History said we died for freedom but today no justice was served.
           Bm             G
And America still sleeps tonight X3

and i hope it doesn't wake up tomorrow 

(then to Bm, G and Gb when there is just the screaming after thist part).

And that is it for the song - just repeats itself after this.

Aim - NoOneForACause if you have any questions

If anyone took the time to learn this, thanks - I think this is their best song.
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