Against Me - Does It Make A Difference tab

Off of the first demo tape. Pretty simple song. This tab is almost 100% accurate, except
3 extra notes (played during the D before the next A, listen to it in the song) are
on bass in the original song, I like how it sounded, but it still sounds great played 
straight up chords.

The chords are A E D

Everytime you play the D, play it for the same amount of time you play the other chords,
play the extra part (lol I can't think of a word for it).

A E De|-0---0---2--2-2---|B|-2---0---3--3-2---|G|-2---1---2--2-2-4-|D|-2---2---0--0-0---|A|-0---2------------|E|------------------|
A E D A E What if I don't recognize their holidays, or pay respect to those who died in D wars? A E D A What if I refuse to resort to violence to solve my conflicts, and if I don't E D A leave it up to their democracy to decide what's best for me? What if I won't E D beat their cross anymore? E D A E D E D A What if I don't want anything to do with their fucking system? And if I D E refuse to give myself to the beast that's brought death to millions, killed D A E of countless cultures and raped my earth. If I denounce the system does it D make a difference? A E D A When I turn off the T.V. does it really change the agenda? When I open my E D A E D mind does it make me any better? What if I refuse to take one drink to sooth A E D A the stress, and recognize it for the crutch that it is? Because I won't E D D A E A subscribe to their death does it help to stop the slaughter?
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