Agalloch - A Celebration For The Death Of Man tab

A Celebration For The Death Of Man
The Mantle
Transcribed by Exo M7 (jd0922(at)yahoo(dot)com)

Acoustic guitar throughout song:
(listen for strum pattern)

Em Asus2 Cadd9 Asus2 Cadd91st:-0--------------------|2nd:-0----0----3----0---3-|3rd:-0----2----0----2---0-|4th:-2----2----2----2---2-|5th:-2----0----3----0---3-|6th:-0--------------------|
Fingering varies between Cadd9 and C, and Asus2 and Am.
Electric guitar uses the root chords.1st:----------------------|2nd:----------------------|3rd:----------------------|4th:-----------5--------5-|5th:-2----7----3----7---3-|6th:-0----5---------5-----|
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