Agent Orange - No Such Thing tab

Ok, I've worked this out in standard tuning, but it may be in Eb tuning, but
here's the tab for standard.

ok, I'm not totally sure about the last part of that intro, but that's as close as I could b bothered getting it.
Verse|--------------------------|--------------------------|---5-4-5-7---10-10-10-9-5-|-7-5-4-5-7---10-10-10-9-5-|-7-3-2-3-5---8--8--8--7-3-|-5------------------------ repeat this riff
that's the basic riffs. then for the solo, basically improvise around G pentatonic from what I can tell, with mayb a few extra notes in place, maybe ending up looking a bit like what's below.
don't trust me totally on those though, it's just a rough outline from what I heard when listening to it
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